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31HP + 400+CFM + 1200PSI + 245° F +2 Wands =

The numbers add up to your next truckmount!

  • Perfectly Powered 31 HP Air Cooled Engine: Industrial engine delivers maximum power in an incredibly fuel efficient fashion.
  • Quietest in its Class: Innovative Air Flow – Routing and controlling concepts make it 20% quieter than a comparable truckmount.
  • Extreme Vacuum and Water Extraction Recovery – 400+ CFM for faster drying, faster extraction! Direct coupler is driven for maximum power transfer.
  • Uncompromising Cleaning Solution Temperature – 245° F Temperature rating with 185 F at 1.25 GMP continuous flow.
  • Completely Dual Wand Capable – plumbed and prepared for you to double your productivity when you need to!
  • Patented Heat Control System, ADC Control Diverter Manages heat for more consistent temperature delivery, virtually eliminates dumping trash water during cleaning delays and water extraction.
  • Simpler Maintenance – “Arms Length” design and removable magnetic panels allow for easy access to crucial components and serviceable parts.

You get uncompromising performance in a high-level dual wand power-packed truckmount from the Boxxer XL. 

Incorporating time-tested “best concepts” in design and engineering provides built-in reliability. Yet the Boxxer XL provides innovative and industry- first features that place it on a level previously unachieved for a machine in its class.

Utilizing the HydraMaster Water Conservation System, it can be inactive under a full vacuum load for as long as 40 minutes without wasting fresh water. Whether you are setting up for carpet cleaning or doing water extraction on a flood job, the no dump/full bypass heat exchanger system means your hot water is used on the job, not dumped into the recovery tank, saving precious fuel every day.

The Boxxer XL also sets a new standard for quieter operation due to innovative concepts and design in routing and controlling the flow of blower air and exhaust gas. The Boxxer XL produces a decibel level of 68db (at industry standard measurements of 12” Hg, 1.6 gpm water flow with closed doors). This is equivalent to the noise level previously only available with a clutch drive, direct drive systems. The Boxxer XL is 20% quieter than a comparable slide-in truckmount.

Finally, the Boxxer XL produces performance levels that most truckmounts only dream about – True dual wand capabilities; 400+CFM (static measurement), attains 245?F temperature (185?F continuous flow at 1.25GPM); and proven and tested coupler direct driven blower. Time tested and proven frame and drive system reduces vibration and wear on componentry. Accessibility and serviceability with removable magnetic panels makes maintenance a breeze

Hydramater Boxxer XL Features

  • Competitively priced
  • Superior Serviceability: Designed with heavy input from our Technical Services department—specific components were located to facilitate easy maintenance, servicing, and troubleshooting:
    • Heat exchanger core - easy to remove for periodic maintenance and cleaning
    • Pump - oil level sight glass, oil fill hole, and belts are easily accessed
    • Electrical compartments - located at the front of the machine to allow the technician easy access for troubleshooting
    • Waterbox - easy to remove even if mounted on 85 gallon fresh water tank
    • Coupler - rubber element can be checked & changed (every 1000 hrs) in <5 minutes with two tools.
    • Greater commonality of parts with other HydraMaster machines provides ease and efficiency of service with less downtime
    • Easily serviceable components encourage proper maintenance, resulting in better reliability and longer life.
  • "Quiet Flow" technology for quieter operation, only 70dB through the exhaust). Comparable machines range 80dBA and up.
  • Innovation you’ve come to expect from HydraMaster — Exceptionally designed, stringently tested, components were rearranged to facilitate easy maintenance service.


  • Machine Dimensions: 61cm wide x 99cm long x 104cm high
  • Machine Weight: 352 kg
  • Engine: Fuel-Efficient Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 31 HP Engine, Dependable Twin Cylinder OHV Design with External Oil Cooler and 2 year Warranty
  • Blower: Reliable direct drive 100% power transfer to 400+ CFM Tuthill 4007 Dominator™ Tri-Lobe Blower ensures maximum power and very low vibration. The blower is easy to service with oil bath lubrication at both ends and easy to see oil sight level windows. 2 year warranty. Dual wand capacity
  • Pump: Tile and grout cleaning capability with a 0-1500 PSI 15.14 LPM (4.0 GPM) EMPEROR GENERAL Pump, Electric pump clutch and exhaust diverter for flood restoration come as standard.
  • Max Temp: 240 deg (f)/115.5 deg (c) Chemical System:
  • Last Step Chemical Pump, meter controlled
  • Heating System: Advanced Tube and Fin Blower Exhaust Exchanger ensure the Boxxer XL is able to deliver and sustain solution temperatures at least 10°C (15°F) greater than other truckmounts in its class. Maximum operating temperature of 115.5°C (240°F).
  • Automatic Diverter Controlled (ADC): ensure precise temperature control ensure minimal dumping water into the recovery tank.
  • Recovery Tank: Incorporates MaxAir Recovery & Separation technology


IN THE BOX Package includes:

Machine Power Console, Vacuum Recovery Tank, 2 x 15 Metres Premium 2 Inch Vacuum Hose in cuffs and joiners, 2 x 15 Meters Premium High-Pressure Solution Hose Inc. quick connects, 3 Meters 1.5 Inch Wand Whip Hose, 3 Meters 1.5 Inch Waste Dump Hose, 20 Litre Chemical Jug, Battery Box (battery not included), 15 Meters Water Supply Hose, Freshwater hook up, Installation and bolt down kit, Installation instructions, User manual, Import freight by sea, Transit insurance, Customs clearance, Duty, Handling charges and GST.

Basic Truckmount Package includes:

  • IN THE BOX Package PLUS
  • Evolution 1.5 inch 2 jet cleaning Wand
  • Supply & installation of Space saver hose reel
  • Stainless bolt down upgrade kit
  • Teflon strips installed under console, tank & reel
  • Bolt down of console, tank & reel
  • Fuel line splice & through floor hookup
  • Supply & install heavy duty 12volt battery
  • Systems and safety check
  • Operator training

Deluxe Truckmount Package includes:

  • IN THE BOX Package PLUS
  • Supply & installation or Duraflow external HD pumpout system
  • Supply & installation of Space saver hose reel
  • Triple hose reel upgrade
  • Supply and install of three tier van shelf
  • Supply of additional 15 meters vacuum and solution hose set inc fittings and connectors
  • Supply hydroforce sprayer
  • Supply and install marine ply floor and marine carpet
  • Stainless bolt down upgrade kit
  • Teflon strips installed under console, tank & accessories
  • Bolt down of console, tank & accessories
  • Fuel line splice & through floor hookup
  • Supply & install heavy duty 12volt battery
  • Systems and safety check
  • Operator training