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A Better Way to Clean Tile, Stone and Concrete Floors!

Thoughtful Design Leads to a Better Performance.... A Dedicated Hard Surface Cleaning Machine

The EVOLUTION RX12 ROTARY HARD SURFACE EXTRACTION TOOL allows you to deep clean tile, stone, and concrete floors faster, easier and better than any other cleaning tool or system. Combined with your truck mount or high performance – high-pressure portable extractor, it will deep clean better and dry faster than any automatic or robotic scrubber on the market. Your ability to clean surfaces at higher solution pressures with rotary jet agitation, along with your capability to quickly recover wastewater and soiling and reduce drying time, make the EVOLUTION RX12 ROTARY HARD SURFACE EXTRACTION TOOL a better and more environmentally responsible way to clean hard surface floors.

Thoughtful Design Leads to Better Performance

  • The durable roto-molded handle is spaced average shoulder-width apart for a smoother ergonomic cleaning that feels like the tool is floating across the floor. This design also allows the tool to work effectively for shorter or taller technicians and eliminates some of the flexing issues associated with other hard surface rotary extraction tools.
  • The easy pull trigger helps reduce repetitive motion strain on muscles and tendons. Best of all the robust roto-mold design eliminates some of the flexing issues associated with other hard surface rotary extraction
  • The tool includes an easy access vacuum relief valve on the vacuum hose connection
  • The heart of any rotary extraction tool is the swivel. We used the uppermost quality, proven high-speed Mosmatic DXG Swivel triple bearing system that is long-lasting and maintenance-free. The corrosion-resistant CERAMIC SEAL extends the life of your swivel.
  • All hardware and fasteners are corrosion resistant for longer life
  • The tool includes both a hard boot and brush ring for smooth or rough surfaces and a 2” to 1.5” hose cuff adaptor for use with a high-pressure portable. To change from the brush to the boot, simply remove four screws and then re-attach.

About the EVOLUTION Wand Series

HydraMaster took wand and tool design to the next level with the EVOLUTION Wand Series. By using a copolymer process to rotationally mold cleaning wands and handles our tools that are lighter, more durable, and outperform traditional wands and tools. Through scientific testing, the EVOLUTION Wand series was designed to smooth airflow and boost water recovery performance. The laminar airflow design improves airflow, increases extraction performance, and reduces drying time.