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BioShot UHT Powdered Enzyme Presray with CitraBoost works like a high pH solution without the high pH.

Bioshot disolves oil and grease on contact whist protein soils are digested and made ready for complete extraction

BioShot is excellent for use on greasy restaurants, and works fast on problem soils found in rental homes and apartments. Yet it is safe to use on wool.

BioShot UHT Enzyme Powder with Citraboost is a concentrated blend of broad spectrum bio enzymes, solvents, surfactants and builders that are designed to work together to tackle the most stubborn, oil, grease, protein and sticky soils.

  • Broad spectrum co-enzyme technology for effective suspension of protein soils, whist grease breaking solvents and surfactants make fast work of oils and grease.
  • Meets criteria to be safely used on wool and advanced generation nylon carpet and fabrics.
  • Free rinsing neutral formula will not contribute to resoiling.
  • ontains, no-optical brighteners or toxic solvents - conforms to AS/NZS 3733:1995, AS/NZS 4849.1:2003, IICRC S100 & IICRC S300
  • UHT – Ultra High Temperature formulation is suitable for use with high performance truckmounted and portable extraction machines
  • Can be used as a booster to enhance the performance of any cleaning solution
  • Economical to use – 1 Cup of concentrate will clean up to 320 square metres of carpet

Directions For Use

  • Read MSDS before use.
  • Vacuum the area to be cleaned thoroughly before any cleaning process.
  • Pretest in inconspicuous area for colourfastness.
  • Mix BioShot UHT with HOT water.
    • Carpet
      • Pump Up Sprayer: 50-100g (1-2 scoops) of powder per 10 litres of HOT water for pump up sprayers, or
      • Hydroforce: (Yellow tip 8:1) 300-500g (6-10 scoops) of powder then fill the container with warm water.
    • Upholstery
      • Pump Up Sprayer: 25g (1/2 scoop) of powder per 1 litre of hot water for pump up sprayers.
    • Booster
      • Add 50-100g (1-2 scoops) of powder per 10 ltrs of ready to use cleaning solution to create a general purpose degreaser out of any typical solution.
  • Prespray over area to be cleaned, let dwell for 10-15 minutes and extract. For heavily soiled carpet use a heavier application of prespray. Do not allow prespray to dry before extracting.
  • Extract with a compatible Acid or emulsifier such as e-Rinse EFR
  • For best results follow the standard carpet cleaning practices outlined in AS/NZS 3733:1995, AS/NZS 4849.1:2003, IICRC S100 & IICRC S300.