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MaxAirRecovery & Separation Technology For Truckmounts

Not Just Another Vacuum Tank

Now coming on-line, HydraMaster’s new MaxAir Recovery & Separation technology incorporates at least 8 improvements and innovations that have been engineered to benefit air performance, water separation, ease-of-cleaning and durability.

The problem is that truckmounts today are increasingly used in hard-surface cleaning which exposes the recovery tank to large-volume surges of water. This combined with high CFM truckmounts can sometimes result in water getting past the baffles and into the vacuum blower.

To solve the problem, bypass water has to be stopped without causing undue restriction in the airstream that would kill the airflow of the system. A large loss of airflow would harm the cleaning and recovery ability of the truckmount.

The design of the new MaxAir tanks was not a simple task and involved computers, engineering savvy and hours of “air tunnel” evaluation. The result is a recovery and separation system that is excellent at separating water out of the airstream yet limits airflow loss.

New Lint Basket – The new lint basket has 50% more open area and is therefore significantly less restrictive than any basket we’ve seen. With a closer mesh structure, this basket will catch and retain more solids. It’s constructed of stainless steel and molded polymer for a lifetime of convenient use.

New Blower Filter – Big improvements over the industry-typical “barrel” filter. More surface area for less air restriction. Pops right out for easy cleaning. No tight folds make it cleanable in seconds by hand.

New Air Path – A series of Air Directors and Diffusers separate water and soil from the airstream with less restriction than previous designs. MaxAir works with all blower sizes without allowing water to bypass, even with high CFM systems.

New Top Lid Gasket – The top of the MaxAir tanks has a 1” flat flange around the entire perimeter. This strengthens the top as well as providing a substantial sealing surface for the new “dovetailed” Lid Gasket.

Improved Holding Capacity - Compared to the former tanks, the new 266 litre (70 gallon) has 7% more working capacity and the 380 litre (100 gallon) tank has 12% more working capacity.

Universal Footprint – Now both of the CDS models use the same 380 litre (100 gallon). The 266 litre (70 gallon) and 266 litre (70 gallon) tanks on slide-ins are the same width and height (the 100 is a little longer). All the tanks use the same internal components.

Improved Strength & Durability – The MaxAir tanks are built of thicker aluminum and this, combined with an improved internal cage structure and flanged top add up to a stronger tank which will have a longer life.


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